Possible Symptoms of Hypertension
By Cardiology Associates
February 12, 2016
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Hypertension, also called high blood pressure or HBP, is a condition that affects one out of three Americans. It’s an issue that is commonly perpetuated by diet and sometimes by heredity. Regular consumption of high-sodium processed and fast food is also to blame for this problem. Hypertension is a contributing factor in some health conditions, including heart attack, stroke and kidney Headachesdisease. Understand the possible symptoms of hypertension so that you can discuss them with your Morristown NJ cardiologist. 

Light Headedness (Dizziness)
Hypertension is an issue that doesn’t usually come with obvious symptoms, until it becomes a serious problem. In fact, some patients don’t have any symptoms until there is a doctor’s visit. One potential symptom of high blood pressure is light headedness. The patient may feel dizzy and lose balance suddenly and unexpectedly.

Chronic Headaches 
Another potential symptom of hypertension is a chronic, severe headache that doesn’t go away, but again, this symptom doesn’t always show up until there is a severe “hypertensive crisis.” If you’re having a problem with chronic headaches, it’s a good idea to visit your Morristown NJ cardiologist for a checkup, including a blood pressure check.

Eye “Floaters”
Some patients who have hypertension report seeing “floaters” in their eyes. The floaters, which sometimes look like red spots, may be related to optic nerve damage that can be related to untreated high blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Readings
The best way to know that you may have an issue with hypertension is to monitor your blood pressure readings at home or at your local pharmacy. A normal blood pressure is about 120/80 mmHg. If the reading is consistently higher than this, high blood pressure (HBP) may be a concern that you and your doctor should address together at your next visit.

See Your Cardiologist
It's important that you see a cardiologist at Cardiology Associates of Morristown in NJ if you're experiencing these symptoms to talk about hypertension and to get a thorough exam. This medical condition can be successfully treated with medication, dietary changes and regular exercise as recommended by your doctor.