Stress Test

Please follow the instructions listed below.

  1. Do not eat three (3) to four (4) hours before the procedure.  Do not drink coffee or have any chocolate or caffeinated products, including decaffeinated coffee, tea and medication containing caffeine twenty four (24) hours prior to the procedure.  The reason for not eating is that the test result may become inaccurate.
  2. Do not smoke at least four (4) hours prior to the procedure.
  3. Do not take the following medications:  THEOPHYLLINE, THEODURE, ATENOLOL, TENORMIN, COREG, LOPRESSOR, VERAPAMIL, CARDIZEM, TIAZAC, METOPROLOL, TOPROL XL, IMDUR, INDERAL AND ISMO.  It is permitted to have some water with your other medication unless otherwise instructed by the physician.  Please bring with you the medication you need to take after the procedure.
  4. For dobutamine echo/stress test/stress echo do not take any Beta-blocker the day prior and the day of the procedure.
  5. Please do not use powder or lotion on your chest. Please wear sneakers, comfortable and loose clothing.  Please remove all jewelry prior to the test.
  6. The test my take approximately one (1) hour to one hour and a half (1 ½) to complete.  Please be prepared to be in the office for this length of time.  You can bring a magazine or a book if you would like.
  7. If you are a diabetic taking medication:

Do not take your pills the morning of the test.

Do not take Humulin R the morning of the test.

Take ½ your dosage of Humulin N the morning of the test.